The same frequency as the Sun

The same frequency as the Sun

126.22 Hz, the same frequency as the Sun

This is a simple tone at 126 Hz, the same frequency the Sun makes. The sound of the Sun has been used to restructure water and found to work very well. It can be played for the water in your body, for your plants etc. The first image is NASA sound of the Sun exposed to water then flash frozen. The experiment was designed by David Sereda and Saida Medvedeva. The photo was taken by Russian scientists Elana Izvekova and Leonid Izekov. The second image is the Sun shining through the trees on the Appalachian Trail taken by me. Enjoy.

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Category Frequence
First Release 6 October 2018
Last updated 12 October 2018
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The same frequency as the Sun

126.22 Hz, the same frequency as the Sun

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